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Discover the new Fairmont Rio guest welcome protocols

Hotel guarantees AllSafe seal and certifications from the Ministry of Tourism and the State Department of Tourism

Discover the new Fairmont Rio guest welcome protocols 3

The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is preparing to receive its first post-quarantine guests from September 1, 2020. With the mission of welcoming and protecting customers and employees, the hotel reopens its doors after five months bearing the AllSafe seal, which guarantees the implementation and execution of the new Accor hosting protocol. The brand that has always held to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in its properties now adopts even stricter sanitation measures, according to current needs, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all. Fairmont Rio also has certifications from the Rio de Novo Program – from the City of Rio -, Turismo Consciente Rio – from the State Secretariat of Tourism of Rio de Janeiro – and Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism – from the Ministry of Tourism (Cadastur).

The AllSafe seal protocols foresee security measures in all Fairmont Rio environments. All guests will have their temperature measured when they arrive at the hotel, the floor at the common areas will be delimited to indicate social distance. There will be hand sanitizer in all environments, as well as individual hand sanitizer and masks available at the reception. Employees, after going through a training program, will be duly protected by PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as masks, gloves and aprons, appropriate to their role.

The cleaning of spaces, objects, surfaces and places of constant circulation and contact will also be intensified and made with products that meet the highest levels of disinfection required by the World Health Organization (WHO). The interval between stays will be 24 hours for each room, and all trousseau will be bagged inside the suite and washed at high temperatures for disinfection. Objects such as remote controls will be sealed after cleaning, and air conditioning units will undergo maintenance and filter changes even more frequently.

In the food and beverage department, standards were set above the requirements established by the government and regulatory agency, including changing the type of service to “à la carte” and removing the exposed buffet. Tables at Marine Restô, Spirit Copa Bar and Coa & Co Café will be at least 1.5 meters away from each other, and the physical menus will be replaced by digital versions accessed by QR Code or received by WhatsApp, thus preventing customers from handling shared objects. The new measures extend to the areas of events and meetings, with reduced capacity of rooms, spacing of furniture and safe solutions for coffee breaks in individual portions. The Room Service also starts to deliver food in sealed packages to each guest.

Specific cleaning and maintenance procedures for swimming pools, with regular assessment of the level of chlorine, will continue in an intensified manner, and there will be frequency control. The number of guests will also be limited in the gym, which will have distanced equipment and cleaned after each use.

These and other safety guidelines and operational guidelines were defined by technical teams based on the definition of regulatory agencies, in order to ensure consumer safety and reassure guests with clear and accessible information when national tourism is resumed.

What is the AllSafe seal?
AllSafe is Accor’s exclusive cleaning, prevention and safety seal. AllSafe’s global standards were developed and approved by Bureau Veritas. The international certifier follows the guidelines of the health agencies, auditing and reviewing documents, inspecting remotely or in person the implementation of biosafety actions, as well as issuing the AllSafe – Bureau Veritas certificate.

Sanitation standards and safety and hygiene protocols (highlights):

  • Availability of hand sanitizer and masks in public areas for guests
  • Regulatory checks on employee health
  • Personnel with mask and individual sanitizer
  • Comprehensive employee safety and hygiene training
  • Temperature measurement of guests at the hotel entrance
  • Enhanced cleaning program, with appropriate detailing in all areas of high contact and public bathrooms
  • Social distance of 1.5 meters in all common areas
  • Bed linen bagged in the room and washed at 60º
  • Reinforcement of food safety standards and elimination of the exposed buffet
  • Access to medical support for guests and clients
  • Customer service line dedicated to answering guest questions in detail
  • Measurement of guest temperature and hand sanitizer available in the main areas of the hotel; individual hand sanitizer and masks available at reception
  • Floor demarcation indicating social distance
  • Room hygiene and 24-hour interval between stays
  • Intensification of cleaning processes for high-contact surfaces
  • Use of disinfection products recommended by WHO
  • Enhanced filter change and air conditioning maintenance
  • Sanitized and packaged remote control
  • Room Service orders via QR Code, with meals delivered to the room in individual packages
  • Goods received sanitized in the external area of ​​the kitchen
  • Tables cleaned and assembled at the time of the meal
  • Digital menu accessed by QR Code or received via WhatsApp
  • 1.5 meter spacing between tables and chairs in the event rooms
  • Coffee Break served in individual packages
  • Chlorine level of swimming pools constantly monitored
  • Distance between gym equipment and intensified cleaning
  • Prioritizing express check-out, without contact between guests and employees
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by all employees (masks, gloves, aprons)

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